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You drive a great car, one that performs reliably and consistently. Parts do wear down, and other work becomes necessary to keep the vehicle running well. Check your service manual for any upcoming service and then book an appointment at Parks Pre-Owned Center near Daytona Beach. Our service department handles routine and other work required to keep your vehicle running.

Our Team Handles All Kinds of Service

No job is too big or too small. We'll help drivers of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and stay on top of maintenance issues. Ask us about the following service requests:

Oil Changes

Some say that an oil change is the most important routine service required for a car. Honestly, all service is important, but it is necessary to change the oil on time. You could find fuel efficiency lagging and engine components wearing down. Sludge might build up inside the engine, too.

Allow a technician in Longwood to examine the engine when performing an oil and air filter change. Perhaps cleaning the engine becomes recommended. Also, speak with the technician about choosing the right oil and corresponding viscosity level. You want the right fluid running through the engine.

Tire Service

Driving on worn, cracked, or leaking tires is hardly a good thing. During an oil change, we can inspect the tires for any problems with the treads or sidewalls. Ask about routine tire rotation service to decrease uneven wear. Removing the tires also affords the technicians a chance to look for any other apparent vehicle issues.

Do you need new tires or wish to perform a seasonal tire switch? Our team near Kissimmee can handle the work.

Battery Checks

A good battery can last up to three years. At that point, buying a new one, possibly a better one, becomes recommended. Batteries could also suffer cell death and other problems that lessen the lifespan. Allow a technician to examine the charge level to see how healthy your battery is.

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacements

Usually, a technician looks at the windshield wiper blades during an oil change. If there's a problem with them, don't wait until the oil change comes due. Get them replaced. The rubber can wear down or crack, causing visibility problems. A replacement job isn't too tough, so let our team perform one if necessary.

Wheel Alignments

If your wheels get knocked out of alignment, uneven tread wear, poor handling, and other problems may arise. And it doesn't take much to knock wheels out of alignment. Thankfully, with the right tools, an experienced technician can restore the wheels' angles to the manufacturer's specifications.

Brake Inspections

Don't let problems with brakes go for long without fixing. Unless the issue is repaired or replaced, the safe operation becomes compromised. Not every problem with the brakes is evident right away to a driver. Therefore, requesting routine brake inspections helps uncover problems before they get too severe. A complete inspection involves removing the tires and checking all the brake system's components closely. Brake lines receive an inspection, as well.

Fluid Checks and Changes

Not only do fluids wear down with age, but they can also leak out. Someone should check the fluids and make changes as necessary. Maybe the lines or hoses need work, as well. You won't know until a certified professional check out at the brake, differential, power steering, coolant, and transmission fluids.

Hoses and Belts

Belts and hoses service important duties in a vehicle. Wear and tear do get to them after a while. Replace them at our service department near Winter Park if needed. Our team also handles bodywork, electrical issues, diagnostics, and more. No matter what may be troubling your car, our service department can address the issue.

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Call for an appointment or book online. Either way comes with no hassles. Once you arrive at our service center, our technicians will get to work on your car without delays. Contact Parks Pre-Owned Center near Apopka to learn about parts available and financing opportunities.

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